Gourmet Restaurant
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The gourmet restaurant of the Daria-I Nor, in Alpe d'Huez

Haute cuisine

Stéphane Tarabla, a top-level chef

Originally from Marseille, Stéphane Tarabla has enjoyed a varied career, working in the Alps and by the Mediterranean.

Passionate about cooking from a young age, he learned his craft alongside holders of the prestigious Meilleur Ouvrier de France award including Serge Chenet (MOF 1993) at the restaurant Entre Vigne et Garrigue in Pujaut and Didier Anies (MOF 2001) at the Grand Hôtel Cap Ferrat.

He worked under Fabrice Taulier at Barmes de l’Ours in Val d’Isère and as a chef at Les Campanules hotel in Tignes and Le Palazzo Pigna in Corsica.

He was the chef of the restaurant La Fruitière at La Folie Douce in Alpe d’Huez, before joining Daria-I Nor in 2018 to take charge of the gourmet restaurant.

Authentic, high-end cuisine

The gourmet restaurant at the Daria-I Nor offers guests a high-quality, delicious and subtle culinary experience. Chef Stéphane Tarabla and his team create dishes packed with vitamins and minerals, using local and seasonal products. These gourmet creations have a subtlety of flavour and pay tribute to the incredible wide variety of ingredients from the Alps. The restaurant insists on local supply chains, working almost exclusively with producers within a 30-kilometre radius.

The restaurant’s menu includes local fish from lakes and rivers, along with herbs and seasoning from the mountains. The restaurant’s gourmet cuisine beautifully showcases each and every product, carefully prepared by the Chef and his staff.

Haute cuisine

A stylish, welcoming atmosphere

Just like the hotel, the gourmet restaurant offers elegant, intimate surroundings. With its contemporary design, the restaurant is a stylish, simple and modern setting in which to enjoy Chef Stéphane Tarabla’s cuisine. With its huge glass windows and outdoor terrace, the restaurant is the perfect venue, offering delicious dishes to be savoured while marvelling at the dramatic mountain backdrop.

The restaurant is only open for dinner and is closed on Tuesdays.