La table du Daria
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Restaurant at the Daria-I Nor in Alpe d'Huez

Damien Ruffier, a chef with a passion for flavourful, global cuisine

Having developed his technical skills at Le Royal Monceau Palace in Paris, he began working as Assistant Chef for Chef Boris Campanella at Le Cheval Blanc in Courchevel (luxury hotel, 2 Michelin stars). This proved to be an important milestone: he built on his experience to become Sous-Chef in Saint Barthélemy at Le Guanahani, where he learned from Chef Nicola de Marchi, focusing on the importance of attention to detail regarding the natural world, the scarcity of some resources and the careful management of fresh products.

His impressive career took him to Les Arcs 2000 in 2018, where he worked as Chef in both restaurants at the Taj-I Mah***** hotel.

Having learned his craft in the kitchens of some of the world’s best restaurants, Damien has chosen to share his unique talent at La Table du Daria.

An intuitive chef, Damien Ruffier offers truly personal compositions at La Table du Daria, constantly combining different flavours: nothing is off-limit. He has an emotional and spiritual connection to cooking and a profound respect for the living world; his cuisine has a particular focus on seasoning and spices.

Guests at La Table du Daria are invited to enjoy delicious, global cuisine. Damien Ruffier creates flavourful, forthright dishes which are both spirited and subtle. He is instinctive and reflexive, conjuring up incredible range of textures and often including four per dish. But this complexity is hidden beneath the surface: he believes in giving an impression of simplicity.

Traditional cuisine in an exceptional setting

With its inviting, tasteful décor, La Table du Daria offers rustic yet modern cuisine. Paying tribute to our beautiful region with an emphasis on local products, the Chef imaginatively reinvents the classics to create a new take on traditional recipes!

The panoramic terrace which faces south-west enjoys hours of sunshine and a unique view over the resort. The perfect place for a bite to eat at any time of day!

The restaurant is open every evening for dinner.

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